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Sharing My Experiences Through My Lense. 






Newport Pier



Manoa Valley 


My name is Chris Chau. I am a Freelance photographer based out of Orange County in Southern California.

I was born in New Jersey, raised in Virginia, and then moved and lived in Orange County, California for 10 years where I began to pursue my love of photography. I then moved to beautiful Hawai'i for my undergraduate studies. I recently just received my Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, and have relocated back home to sunny Southern California.

My goal is to capture the beauty of the world we live in. Life is filled with so many unique, breathtaking moments and I would like to share mine with you through my lense.

So many people ask me, "Why did you become a photographer?"


My answer to that question is very simple. There have been so many times where I wish I could capture the image, the emotions, and the beauty of a moment but I didn't know how I could. That all changed when my sister let me borrow her DSLR. All it took was one walk around my sister's neighborhood with that camera and I knew I found out how I could finally capture those moments.

Let me help you capture some of yours!

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Chris Chau 



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